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Accessories & Equipment’s Products

Aquarium Accessories and Equipment’s are important to the lives of our pet fish and well needed to provide a safe habitat for these aquatic pets. This article will highlight some of the accessories that make a functional aquarium.

Aquarium Air Pump: Whether you need an air pump depends on your aquarium and Type of fishes kept. Generally, most species of fish do require a pump for aerating the water, especially the crowded ones. Some internal and external power filters may have the aeration option included in the unit thus undertaking the same job as an air pump.

Aquarium Air Stone: Or also called an aquarium bubbler is a decorative aquarium accessory as well as being essential in gradually diffusing air to the water. It creates the effect of fine water bubbles moving up the water in the aquarium thus preventing water stagnation. The air stone itself doesn’t add oxygen to the water in the aquarium. Rather, it increases the surface area of the water for interaction with oxygen.

Keep the tank water conditions at its best quality by using the correct equipment and products  consequently a healthier environment for the fish. Many products available in different sizes and made of different materials.

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