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Types of Aquarium Filter

Aquarium Filter is an essential accessory which is vital for the process of water filtration. Clean water is necessary for the healthy growth and development of the fish. It helps to remove toxins and debris in the water as well as promoting the growth of good bacteria. There are different types of aquarium filters that you can use with an aquarium. These include;

Submersible Aquarium Filter

This type of aquarium filter uses a powerhead to circulate the water through different filtration chambers. The filtration chambers use different media types to change the water clarity and water chemical conditions as it flows through the different media. They are usually fixed to the aquarium glass using a number of suction cups in order to prevent it from moving around the tank.

Hang-on Filter

This type of aquarium filter uses replaceable cartridges. Its operation resembles that of a waterfall when used with an open fish tank. The filter also allows for water aeration providing they have the option of air intake through an air tube.

Canister Filters

These are much better at filtering the water conditions and a preferred external water filters. This is due to their functions having multi filter platforms and media for a different use. They can sustain the water’s cleanliness in the aquarium longer than other types. The filter also has a powerful water filtration operation. This makes it ideal for large aquariums and fish tanks.

These are the types of aquarium filters used in a fish tank. You can get quality filters for your aquarium at our online pet shop. Click now to order.