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Fish Food and Growth

Many people who have fishes as pets believe that once you feed your fish well, they will grow bigger and faster. However, this mindset is wrong. Good fish food is not the only determinant of a pet fish’s growth. In this article, we will discuss important factors that determine your pet fish’s growth, other than good food.

Size of Tank

The size of the tank in which the pet fish is reared also affects the fish’s growth. This is true, especially for goldfishes. You should remember that fishes live in a large body of water which doesn’t limit their growth. While you cannot provide that quantity of water, you should ensure that the fish tank’s size allows for the healthy growth of the fish.


Fishes in warmer temperatures use more oxygen and eat lots of food. These help them grow bigger and faster

Quality of water

The presence of harmful organisms in the water where your pet fish stays may inhibit its growth.

Despite all of these factors, good fish nutrition plays a vital role in pet fish’s growth and development. Get the correct food needed by your fish at P&C online pet shop.