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  • CHIPSI EXTRA Medium - Terrarium Bedding

    CHIPSI EXTRA Medium – Terrarium Bedding

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  • Oro Bath 500G

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Bird Cage Bedding & Litter Products

Bird Cage Beddings & Litter, what is the Best Bedding Materials for Pet Birds

There are many bedding materials for birds. However, each of these bird bedding materials has different advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss some of the best bird bedding materials.


This is the simplest, and to many pet bird owners, the best bird bedding material. It is affordable, easy to handle and clean, and poses no health risks to your pet birds. Paper materials that can be used as bird bedding materials include newspapers, plain papers, cardboards and paper towels.


Straw is another bird bedding material that is commonly used for pet birds. This bird bedding material is also easy to get, as you can find it at any pet shop. This bird bedding material is most useful when you have a female bird that is laying eggs. However, while using a straw, ensure that they are clean, as dirty straws have the tendency of carrying harmful pathogens that can pose a health risk to your birds.

Bird Cage Liners

Liners are another type of material. This bird bedding material is manufactured as a flat and colorful material. It is best used by those who want a flat surface for their birds but doesn’t want to use a paper. However, ensure that the liner is not made of sandpaper as it can affect the bird’s health.

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