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Supplements for Pet Birds

While rearing birds at home is interesting, it has some demerits. The birds cannot access the same diet that they would have if they were in the wild. Hence, it is imperative that the bird foods given to pet birds have enough bird supplements. In this article, we will discuss important dietary bird supplements that your bird pet needs.

Vitamin A

Vitamins are one of the important bird supplements needed for the healthy growth and development of birds. Vitamin A is a vital skin vitamin for pet birds. This bird supplement allows for the healthy growth of the feather and eyes of the bird. It is also aids the development of a strong immune system and reproductive system. Beta Carotene is one of the major sources of this bird supplements.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another important bird supplement. It helps the pet bird scavenge free radicals and serves as an anti-oxidant.

Vitamin D3

This bird supplement helps the bird develop healthy bones and feathers. It also plays an important role in the egg-laying ability of pet birds.

These are some of the birds supplement for pet birds. You can get these and many more at our online pet shop. Click now to order for yours.