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Cat Collars and are they Safe for Cats?

The short answer is yes if you are going to use a quality cat safety break away collar. A safety cat collar should feature a breakaway buckle or an elastic attachment for stretching. If the collar is caught or stuck, it will simply stretch over the head or breakaway in an emergency.

Collars are one of the most important cat accessories. They help you identify your cats whenever they get lost. You can also wear luminous or reflective collars for your cats to keep them identifiable in the dark. All of these and many more are some of the uses of a cat collar.

However, despite all of these uses and benefits, there are some risks associated with the use of cat collars. In this article, we will answer the important question, are cat collars safe for cats?


The answer to that question remains that they are safe for cats. The safety risk associated with the use of cat collars occurs when they is not well fixed. Another safety risk is if the collar gets stuck somewhere and they cannot break away from the collar.

By failing to fix the collar well and securely, it may injure the cat or the cat injuring itself in a bid to get out of the collar. The following are some of the ways a cat collar may cause injury to the cat if not properly fixed;

  • The collar may get frayed and the threads harming the cat
  • The legs of the cat, especially the front one getting jammed in the collar
  • Strangling or suffocation when the collar is fixed too tight

Ensure that your cat collars are fixed properly to ensure the safety of your feline friend. You can also get your pet collars from Paws & Claws Pets, your preferred online pet shop in UAE.