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Cat Bowls and Feeders and why You Should Not Use Automatic Cat Feeders

Until recently, cat owners do not use automatic cat feeders. Whenever they need to get out of town and can’t go with their cats, a large mixing bowl filled with cat food and water always does the trick. With the advent of technology, automatic cat feeders have gained some form of recognition and popularity. Once you have an automatic cat feeder, you can go out of town for some time, and your cat won’t get starved. All you need to do is set the amount and time for the cat’s meal. The automatic cat feeder will dispense food to your feline pet at the designated time.

With the ease and simplification that the automatic cat feeder provides, it has become almost indispensable to many cat owners. However, despite its usefulness, the automatic cat feeder has some disadvantages that could harm your cats if not taken care of.

Some of these disadvantages include;


Most automatic cat feeders use electricity. Your cats run the risk of getting electrocuted whenever you use automatic cat feeders, especially when you are not around.

Lack of Connection

One of the reasons we have pets is for the companionship that they offer. While our pets are like friends to us, we should remember that we are their friends too. This realization will enable cat owners to understand that personal interaction with cats is important. This personal interaction is at a risk whenever an automatic cat feeder is used, as the owner is not needed to feed the cat.

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