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Cat Name Tags and why Get My Cat A Name Tag?

Name tags are important cat accessories. They allow your cats to be identified when they get lost. As a cat owner, you sure can imagine the painful feeling of not being able to be reunited with your cat because of the absence of a means of identification on the cat when it went missing. This is one of the usefulness of a name tag for your cat.

When getting a name tag for your cat, you should ensure that necessary information is present on the tag. Most importantly, your name, the cat’s name and your contact address must be available on the name tag for your cat. These pieces of information are necessary for you to be contacted whenever your cats go missing. However, if you are not very comfortable with putting your information on the cat’s name tag, you should provide a phone number through which you can be contacted, in case your missing cat is found by a stranger.

Using cat name tags and providing required information on the name tag is essential. It could spell the difference between losing your cat forever and reuniting with your lost cat.

At P&C pets we have a many designs and colors of Cat Name Tags with machine engraving. Choose your design, font and text to be written on your tags and we will deliver them to your doorstep. Our pet tag engraving is done instantly up on your request can be delivered to your home the same day!