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Cat Toys and Selecting a Safe one

Cats are lively animals. They love to play, and we love them for this. This is why it is a must to have in the house, one of the best cat accessories you can ever get. However, many cat parents make the mistake of choosing the wrong toy for their cats. Rather than make the decision from the perspective of the cat, these cat parents select and buy toys using their own discretion. In the end, the cat either damages or abandon the toy. In some extreme cases, the toys may injure the cat during usage. The following are some of the factors you should consider while selecting a toy for your feline pet.

Cat Size

The size of your cat will determine the type of toy they get. You don’t want to get a small toy for a big cat. The toy stands the risk of getting ingested accidentally, causing harm to the cat. in some cases, the cat may not even touch the toy.

Activity Level

The level of activity of your cat also determines the type of toy that you will get it. An active or playful cat should get a strong and durable toy that lasts long. You don’t want to be getting new cat toys every day.

These are some of the factors you should consider before buying any toys. There are numerous cat toys at P&C your friendly online pet shop in Dubai. Click now to get a befitting one for your cat.