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Choosing the Best Scratching Posts for Cats

Cats like to shred and stretch their bodies. That is why you find your cat by its best scratching post; your couch, almost every time. Therefore it is essential that you buy a scratching post for your cat. However, choosing a suitable scratching post for your cat can be tricky. This is because the cat may decide not to use it and abandon it. The key is to select a scratching post that appeals to the cat and not the one that appeals to you. In this article, a few tips to help with the selection of a scratching post will be given.

  1. Ensure that it is tall

A suitable scratching post for cats will be at least 31 inches tall. This will allow it to stretch fully and flex the shoulder muscles like it needs to.

  1. Stability

Every cat loves a stable and sturdy scratching post. This ensures that the cat can enjoy its scratching exercise without fear of tipping over. Do you know why cats prefer couches as their best scratching post? It is because they are stable and strong with no chance of tipping over. Even in the wild, trees are the most preferred scratching post. Therefore, you understand the need for stability in scratching posts.

  1. Shredding Material

It is crucial that the shredding material that comes with the scratching post is durable and easy to shred. In most cases, the best scratching posts for cats use sisal as its shredding material.

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