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Kitten & Tips for Caring For Kittens at Eight Weeks

If your cat just gave birth, congratulations are in order. While you are taking care of your cat, remember that the kitten needs more attention than the cat itself. In this article, tips on how to raise and take care of kittens in the eighth week of their growth are given.

Kittens under Eight Weeks

At this stage, your eight-week-old kittens are still very young and should always be with their mother. This period signifies the stage of vision development and movement coordination for an eight-week-old kitten. Also, they cannot regulate or control their body temperature. They rely on that of their mother and littermates to regulate it. Therefore, it is essential that you leave your eight-week-old kittens with the mother cat. All of these developmental processes requires the input of the mother cat. All you need do is ensure that the mother cat gets all she needs, and she will take care of the kittens.

However, if you adopt an orphan kitten under eight weeks old, there will be a need for specialized care. You may need to feed the kitten with milk, using a bottle for about 2 hours every day for four weeks. You will also need to consult a vet doctor for guidelines and directions.

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