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Dog Travel, Crates & Carriers – Things to Look Out For In a Dog Crate

Traveling without your pet dog can be difficult sometimes. Leaving your dog at the mercy of neighbors may not be the best line of action when it is time to go on a vacation. If you take your time to plan it well, you can have your pet dog with you without any issue. The most important accessory when planning a trip with your pet dog is a crate or carrier.

A dog crate is a container that can hold a pet dog. It serves as a temporary home for your canine friend when you are traveling or on the move. They are available in different sizes and shapes at pet stores. Selecting a suitable dog crate may mark the difference between a successful and an awful trip with your dog. The tips below will help you select a suitable crate for your pet dog.

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Dog Carriers, Crates & Travel

Spacious: Dog crate should have enough space to accommodate your dog. It should allow your dog to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably.

Stability: It must be stable and should be equipped with handles and grips that allow for easy handling. Be sure that it is also be free from internal protrusion.

It should be leakproof.

It should have a label with space for pet and owner’s name, address, and contact info.

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