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Dog Grooming & Hair Care – Types of Dog Hair and Appropriate Grooming Procedures

Dogs are different with regards to breeds. One of the distinguishing features of a dog breed is the type of hair on the dog’s body. Each of these hair types requires different grooming requirements. You will get tips on these different hair types and their grooming requirement in this article.

Short Hairs

If your pet dog has short hairs, you are in luck. There is little or no stress in caring for short hair. Ensure that you maintain the hair coat with a simple dog brush. This brush will help you remove knots. While you don’t need to bathe the dog every time, you should use short hair shampoo whenever you need to.

Long Hairs

Long hairs require a bit of hard work. You will need a hard brush to remove tangles, as long hairs tend to tangle. Apart from thick brushes like a double comb, you will also need a thick bristle comb for a long-haired dog.

Silky Fur

This type of dog hair requires more care and pampering. When it is well taken care of, it shines luxuriously. Hence, wash the hair with quality shampoos every three months. And use a soft-tipped brush on the hair, as it helps you beat the tangles.

Smooth coat

Brush once in a week to clean this type of dog hair clean.

These are some of the popular dog hair types. You can get all the needed accessories for the grooming at Paws and Claws. Click now to get yours.