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Dog Collars & Dog Lead – Dangers of Choosing the Wrong one for your Dogs

We know that collars are important accessories to dogs. While some collars beautify our pet dogs, others allow dog parents to control their dogs easily. These benefits allude to the fact that collars are important accessories to dogs. However, there are many dangers of using collars for dogs. These dangers are usually manifested when wrong Dog Collars & Dog Lead are chosen for dogs. Some of the dangers include:


Dogs stand a risk of suffocation when a wrong type of collar is chosen for them. A dog collar should not be too tight. Also, choosing a flat collar without extendable features for playful dogs is dangerous. These collars may get hooked, thus strangling the dogs.

The misuse of choke chains/collars can also result in some level of injury for the dog.

Abrasions and Skin Irritation

This is also another side effect of a tight collar. The skin around the dog’s neck where the collar is fixed may get bruised or get irritated. This is more likely to occur if a leash is attached to the collar.

Collar Loss

It is possible for some breeds of pet dogs to wriggle out of some types of the collar (breakaway collar). This type of collar has a quick-release fastener that allows for the fast removal of the collar.

As much as it is important to have a dog collar, every dog parent should ensure that the correct dog collar is used for their dogs. You can get the best dog collars at our online pet shopClick now to get yours.