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Dog Training – Things You Should Know

This is one of the most important things to consider when getting your new friend. It helps dogs socialize faster and easier in an environment. More importantly, it ensures that you and your pet dog have a solid relationship. It is important to state that it is not an easy task. It will seem overwhelming and tasking at the beginning. This is more likely if you are training your first dog.

This article seeks to help you overcome this hurdle and give you some basic guide lines. You will learn fundamental tips that will ease the process of handling your pet dog. In this article, you will learn about some basic types of training and the principles of some of these processes.

Types of Training

There are many training processes, each with its own benefits and effect on dog development. They include


House Breaking and Crate Training

This helps the dog appreciate its crate and get a home of its own.

Leash and going for walks

Leash training helps the dog walk comfortably on a leash. This is quite important as some areas have existent leash rules. These are some of the basic methods that every dog parent should take their dogs through.

Tips for your pet

  • Set a dog obedience program.
  • Set a daily schedule. Most preferably, a routine time of day to teach your dog the basics within six weeks.
  • Use games and interactive materials. You can get educational toys and materials for your dogs at Paws and Claws pet shop.