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Dog Treats and Bones, Tips on Choosing the Best Dog Bone Treats

With the FDA report that some dog pets get injured from bone treats fed to them, it is important to exercise caution in choosing bones and treats for your dogs. According to the report, 15 dogs have died from unhealthy dog pets, with many more injured and unreported. As a result, it is important to ensure that dog treats that you get for your canine friend is healthy. Moreover, you should ensure that the edibles do not pose a health risk to the dog.

How to Choose the Best Dog Bone and Treats

The following tips will help you avoid unhealthy and harmful dog treats for your pet

Avoid Jerky Style Hard Treats and Bones with Jagged Ends

While your pet dog may like this type of treats and bones, they are unhealthy for them. Bones with jagged ends have a high tendency of injuring the dog while chewing. Also, jerky style hard treats may cause gastroenteritis in dogs, as witnessed in the past.

Ensure the Treats Are of Appropriate Sizes

Selecting a treat of suitable sizes will help protect your pet dog. A bone or treat of small sizes may be easily swallowed by the dog, causing indigestion or other health issues.

Watch Your Dog Frequently

You should remember that dogs cannot complain of pain or discomfort the way humans do. Hence keeping an eye on your dog frequently could help determine if your dog is in any form of discomfort due to the food or treats he is chewing.

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