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Dog Name Tags – Information That Should be Available on a Dog Name Tag

Name tags are important accessories for a pet dog. They carry the name of our dogs and some other information that can ease the process of reunion with a lost dog. However, many dog parents do not use the dog name tag as it should be. Certain pieces of information that should be made available are usually not found on the dog name tag.

This article seeks to correct this anomaly. Important pieces of information that should be made available on a dog name tag are listed and explained in this article.

Home Address

Your home address should be available on your dog tag. In the event that your dog gets lost, this will ease the process of reuniting you with your dog. This is also a requirement in some climes, where it is compulsory to provide your home address on the dog name tag.

Contact Numbers

You should also provide a phone number through which you can be reached in case your dog gets lost.


While the name itself is not really important, in brief it is advisable to engrave the name of your dog on its name tag. This will allow for easy identification.

Other Additional Information that is not really important, but helpful includes; The medical history of the dog as well as additional phone numbers.

Providing these pieces of information on a dog’s name tag will help fulfill the need for a name tag. Get your quality and appealing name tag from our online pet shop. Click now to buy.