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Puppy & Food – Feeding a Puppy

When your pet dog gives birth to offspring, a lot of actions need to be taken. Some of the important aspects of a puppy’s early life include feeding, socializing, and staying healthy. Generally, you should not have to worry about a puppy’s feeding if the mother dog is around. However, you may have to take over the feeding if the puppy is an orphan. Other cases where you may need to get worried about the feeding of a puppy includes:

  • Where the dog mother is separated from puppy
  • Where the dog mother cannot produce enough milk

Regardless of the cause, you should not worry too much about the feeding of a puppy. The first line of action is seeing a veterinarian for advice. A vet will guide you on the process of feeding a puppy and what a puppy should eat.

How to Feed a Puppy

Naturally, the puppy survives on the milk from its mother for the first four weeks. This is because the milk contains all the necessary nutrients that it may need for survival. However, if the puppy cannot access milk from its mother, you bottle-feed the puppy with a commercial canine milk replacer for the first four weeks. Bottle feeding remains the best option for feeding an orphan puppy.

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