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Showing 1–20 of 23 results

Reptile Supplies

Reptiles fall under the category of animals that are seldom taken as pets. These animals include lizards, alligators, and the likes. Because they are not common pets, the resources for their breeding are not readily available. But, we have got you covered here at our pet shop online. You can get all your resources from reptile foods to reptile housing for your pets.

Lizards are the most popular of this class of animals that are taken as pets. And because they are not popular pets, you may be hard-pressed getting their resources. And that is why we are for you. Get all the resources you need for your reptilian pets at our pet shop online. This includes live meal worms for reptiles as a treat or daily live food for reptiles.

One of the problems that people rearing reptiles is facing is the lack of resources. Reptile owners have had to go the extra mile in getting tips and products for their pets. This problem can be linked to a small number of reptile owners. Thus, many online pet stores do not cater to their needs.

But, we are changing that narrative at Paw & Claws online pet shop. We acknowledge the efforts of reptile owners and seek to complement it. We are ensuring that they get the best of tips and products for their pets. Hence, products ranging from foods to supplements and accessories are available here. You will also get these products at competitive prices. We are a click away.

P&C pets, your dedicated online pet store at your door!