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Reptile Food & Supplements Products

Reptile Food & Supplements in Dubai – Unlike dogs and cats, reptiles are less kept as friends; hence, there is less information on their nutritional requirements. It is important to note that each reptile species has its unique feeding habits in the wild, which is often difficult to replicate when in captivity completely. This is why supplements are produced, i.e., to fill the nutritional gaps that have been created by keeping reptiles captive. This renders it imperative that you provide them with supplements and foods as they are often essential to their growth and well-being.


Some of the meal you can provide your pet reptile are the following:

  • Crickets – You can add squash carrots, some mixed greens, and sweet potatoes to provide other nutrients
  • Chitinous meals such as mealworms
  • Cockroaches
  • Silkworms and hornworms
  • Rodents, and many more

If you are rearing herbivorous reptiles, you can feed them:

  • Reptile pellets, which should be between 25% and 50% of their diet
  • Vegetables that have a low amount if oxalate
  • Good quality grass hay or herbs
  • Fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables should not be more than 50% of their diet.


To supplement their meals and fill their nutritional gaps, you have to add Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplements to their diets.

Finally, do not forget to provide your pet with water as it is one of the most important parts of their meal. To purchase top quality Reptile Food & Supplements for your pet, you should click here.