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  • Ferplast Reptile Thermometer

    Ferplast Reptile Thermometer

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  • Reptile Cave Hide ‘n’ Seek is a realistic looking pet cave provides a safe hideout area

    Reptile Cave for Terrarium

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  • reptile rock realistic looking reptile hideout

    Reptile Rock Spring Water

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  • Terrarium Reptile Tunnel provides a safe hideout area crucial for any reptile, amphibian or snake

    Terrarium Reptile Tunnel

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Reptile Accessories Products

To take adequate care of your reptile, there are several reptile accessories you are expected to have, the first of which is a terrarium. As soon as you decide where the reptile will live, you need to ensure that the habitat is appropriately set up. Failure to do this can result in adverse effects for the reptile, which could include death.

The following are essentials that you must have to take proper care of your reptile:

  • Terrarium – A terrarium is an essential accessory, and it is available in two common shapes: long and tall. Arboreal reptiles will benefit most from the tall terrarium, while land-dwelling reptiles benefit most in longer terrariums.
  • Lighting – Most reptile habitats require two lighting types: hear providing light and visual/ultraviolet light.
  • Heating lamps – You must provide the heat lamp and lighting for your pet. However, the right type of heat and light depends on the pet in question.
  • Thermometer – Several pet reptiles require more heat than the home temperature can provide. Therefore, you need to provide more warmth. To determine the appropriate temperature, you need to use a thermometer.
  • Hygrometer – This helps to determine the appropriate humidity in terrariums.
  • Bedding/Substrate – Examples of tropical terrarium substrate include reptile bark, moss, coconut husk, and reptile soil. Desert terrarium substrate includes reptile carpet and specially formulated sand.

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