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  • Orien Pet Mini Pet Box Medium

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  • Orien Pet Mini Pet Box Small

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  • Resun Plastic Pet Tank – Multi Size’s

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  • Terrapin Island is designed for small terrapins or water turtles to enjoy splashing around

    Terrapin Island

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Reptile Tank Products

Reptile tank and atriums are available in different shapes and sizes. With the full range of tanks available for reptiles, it is challenging to determine the right one for your pet. To determine the perfect tank for your reptile, you need to note the following:

  • Use glass instead of plastic as glass is more capable of withstanding the heat and moisture in the environment
  • Choose a generous tank size; if you think a 10-gallon size is appropriate, choose a 15 or 20-gallon tank. Put it in mind that reptiles grow in size rapidly and like to roam large distances.
  • Choose the proper bottom covering for the tank – This involves paying heed to the advice of an expert. If you choose the wrong substrate, you may have trouble maintaining the tank, or you may kill your pet. Proper bottom covering include wood/bark chips, indoor/outdoor carpet, plastic turf, soil and/or peat moss, newspaper, etc.
  • Ensure you provide the right warmth – Ensure you provide two types of heat: ambient, ambient heat and digestive heat.
  • Provide proper lighting – Insert fluorescent, full-spectrum lighting as well as ambient heat-generating incandescent basking lighting
  • Use a very secure cover to prevent them from escaping – You need to allow a small space between the cover and habitat to accommodate electrical cords. Also, avoid glass covers as they filter out heat and ultraviolet wavelengths from your lighting element.

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