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Small Pet Supplies

Small animals are often not a popular choice for pets. These animals include hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits and the like.

However, small animals make great pets. They are easy to tame and most enjoy human interaction. More importantly, they are low maintenance. As long as you give them the right housing, proper nutrition and enough space and some tools for exercising, you will have the perfect tiny furry companion at home.

These reasons also make small mammals the ideal pets for children.

But since small mammals are uncommon pets, you may experience some difficulties getting all the items you need to take care of them. The main reason for this is that many shops have limited small pet supplies.

Paws and Claws, though, has you covered if you want to own a hamster, guinea pig or any small mammal.

Our store carries a wide range of small pet supplies online. From food and hay and straw to bedding and cages or animal houses, you can get everything you need to have a healthy and happy new member of your family.

Our small animal supplies also include supplements and accessories designed to keep your furry pet in tiptop shape.

All our products are reasonably priced. We also offer delivery services so you won’t have to leave your home to stock up your pet supplies.

Aside from supplies, we can also give you great advice regarding small pet care. You can read various articles about this on our Blog page.

The Paws and Claws team is also ready to help you choose the right food, supplements and accessories to ensure you take care of your small pet properly.

Get in touch with us now for all your small pet care needs and questions.