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Bedding & Wood Shaving – Cedar and Pine Shavings for Small Pets

Beddings are important aspects in the lives of our pets. It provides a resting place for them just like humans require too. Over time, the popularity of wood shavings and chips as a bedding material for small pets have risen. In this article, we will discuss the merits and demerits of using cedar and pine shavings as bedding materials for your small pets.

Cedar and Pine shaving is one of the types of wood shavings used as a bedding material for small pets. It is one of the most popular and widely used types. The reasons for its popularity include;

  • Affordability: The shavings are very affordable and easily accessible.
  • Controls Odor: These wood shavings have the enticing properties of reducing the foul smell of poo and pee of your small pets.
  • Healthy: Cedar and Pine shavings, by virtue of some chemical compounds present in them, are natural insecticides as they kill and ward off insects such as lice.


  • It could cause skin irritation in pets. This is due to some chemicals present in the chips.
  • In extreme cases, some harmful chemicals in these shavings can cause liver damages to your small pets.

It is advisable to observe your small pets when you start using these types of wood shavings. If and when you observe any irritation or sign of ill-health, discontinue the use of the shavings.

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