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Hay & Straw Differences and Beneficial Uses

Hay and straw are popular forage materials for small pets. They are being used in different capacities in the breeding of livestock and pets. However, a lot of people mistake these two materials and misuse them. In this article, a distinction will be made on the properties and uses of these two materials.


It is a forage material grown and harvested for feeding livestock and pets. The plant is grown for its nutritional value. It produces fibre of high nutritional quality for pets and livestock animals.


Straw is not a plant. It is the byproduct of a plant. Straw is the dry stalk of a plant that is harvested after the plant may have died. In most cases, straws are of low nutritional value.

Beneficial uses


Hay is used to feeding farm animals and small pets. It contains a lot of nutrients that aid the growth of small pets. Straw, on the other hand, is not usually used to feed pets and livestock animals. This is because of its low nutritional value. Hay is better used as feeding material than straw.


Straw provides a better bedding material than hay. While there is nothing wrong with using hay as a bedding material, it is better used for feeding that bedding.

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