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Small Pets Food & Snacks – Choosing Foods for Small Pets

Your rodents need to eat like other pets. However, unlike other pets, pet rodents have a wide range of meal options to choose from. In this article, we will discuss the process of sourcing for rat foods and considerations to be made in the process.

Specially Formulated Rat Foods

There are many packaged and specially formulated rat foods for your pet rodents. This type of rat food is equipped with numerous nutrients and vitamins for the growth of your rodents. However, you should ensure that your pet rodents get enough variety when it comes to packaged foods. You should also ensure that fresh foods are present in your rat’s diet. 

Homemade Rat Foods

Homemade rat foods are also important types of food that can be included in your rat’s diet. These foods will be made by you and are highly nutritious as it uses normal human foods as ingredients. It is, however, important that you stick to the recipe for each homemade rat foods, and ensure enough variety in terms of ingredients and supplements.

Forms of Rat Foods

There are primarily two forms of food for small pets. These are pellets and block. There are other forms of food, but these two represent the most popular ones. Usually, rats prefer pellets than block foods. This is because when you offer a mixed rat diet, pellet food forms allow the rodent to eat the one they like and leave the one they don’t.

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