BOTANICALS Multi-Vitamin Snack 150g

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The most suitable food for adult dwarf rabbits, chinchillas and degus

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Vitamin-snacks are an important building block in the »all nature« balanced feeding concept. They ensure that pets are supplied with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements every day. The Multi-vitamin-snacks balance out vitamin variations, just as Mother Nature provides a variety of vitamins and nutrients in all plant components, e.g. depending on the weather situation.

For Feeding as a snack

… the »all nature BOTANICALS MAXI MIX and MID MIX« are particularly good due to their fine ingredients and natural composition. The mixture corresponds to the natural diet of herbivores and ideally completes their daily menu. All varieties taste deliciously fresh and provide a tasty variety.


Wholemeal spelt flour, spelt grits, apple pomace, rice flour, growth of permanent meadows, cornstarch, inulin


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